Roughy team member Price now gets his chance at big payoff…

HOOEY: Hey Taylor. What’s up, bud? TAYLOR: I’m at home here in Huntsville (TX) getting my new sprinter van ready to haul in this season. HOOEY: When are you headed to Dallas for The American? TAYLOR: Actually, I ride in Scottsdale (AZ) Saturday so I’ll be flying into Dallas Saturday night. HOOEY: Tell us a […read more]


Hooey Team Member Reese Riemer to compete for a million dollars at The American

HOOEY: Congratulations on qualifying for The American, Reese. Tell us how the qualification process went for you. REESE: I started a little late. I went to Glen Rose (TX) in January and had a really great day. I placed in all three rounds and won the average. I had hoped to prepare more but I […read more]