This is stuff (mostly music) that we think is cool, authentic, or otherwise interesting.

Red Shahan

At the end of the day, nobody cares for coyotes.

Red will be that badass singer/songwriter guy you know about before everyone starts telling you about this new badass singer/songwriter guy you should know about.

Oh, and he makes hot sauce.


Midnight River Choir

With a name derived from late night carousing on the Guadalupe River, Midnight River Choir can always be counted on for a fun(ky) show.

If you happen to catch the Hooey Jambulance en route to the next party, there’s also a good chance MRC lead singer Eric Middleton is behind the wheel.


Sam Riggs

No bro-country here.  Sam is a multi-instrumentalist who puts on a killer show.  Just ask those at the 2016 Hooey Party in Vegas who left saying, “Who was THAT dude?”

Go see him live

Max Frost

Is Max the next Austin-born guitar legend?  Hit songwriter?  Hip-hop producer?  Soul singer?


Watch Here

Ryan Bingham

Singer, songwriter, Oscar winner…even an ex-bull rider.

Check out his website

Shane Smith & the Saints

Combine harmony, soul and too many musical styles to list…then you have Shane Smith & the Saints.  Go see ’em live – we dare you not to stomp your feet.

Watch Here


American Aquarium

These North Carolinians have toured the country for a decade, recorded an album with Jason Isbell on the hallowed musical ground of Muscle Shoals…and they’re just getting started.

Watch Their Latest Video


Miracle Farm

Residential, educational, and spiritual home using western values to turn boys into men.

Check out their website.

Turnpike Troubadours

We just can’t get enough.

Find out why.