• 1907T-BK has been added to the 2020 line.
  • The “Wishlist” feature has been added to Pepperi. This feature allows you to create suggested orders for your customers, or set up their favorite items for easy re-order.
  • 6/1-Hats and backpacks
  • 7/1-Hoodies and outerwear
  • Due to the Coronavirus, we have been informed of a delay in shipping for our Hooey knives.
  • The 2 sided hat rack will arrive at Hooey on 6/1
  • Men's and Boy's denim jacket will have a new fleece lining.  It will be a red/black buffalo pattern.

We have received the changes for fall hats and the new line for holiday. Below you will find the changes for fall, and I have attached the part number information for new holiday and new fall.

Fall Cancelled:

  • 2004T-BRBK
  • 2004T-BRBK-Y
  • 2031T-GYBK
  • 2031T-BLWH-Y
  • 2046T-BK-Y

Fall Added:

  • 2035T-NV
  • 2035T-BK
  • 2035T-GYWH
  • 2036MABK-01
  • 2036MABK-02
  • 2036BK-01
  • 2036BK-02